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Fitzgerald and Long, Inc.  provides system utilities which improve performance and simplify security administration.   FAST automates File Maintenance for the UniVerse and UniData database management systems on UNIX, Linux and Windows.  SENTRY helps you manage system security for UNIX-based UniVerse and UniData database management systems.

Our company's success has resulted from our strict adherence to the following key principles since we opened our doors in 1984:

Our products address specific system needs in an efficient, straightforward manner, making them easy to understand and administer.  The product features are powerful, increasing productivity both for the "generalist" and "expert" alike.

Pricing is tiered, and always based upon the customer's current configuration, with no "re-licensing" fees for future system upgrades. 

If our products do not perform as represented to the complete satisfaction of the customer, we will refund the purchase price in full for the first two months after installation.


What to expect when doing business with Fitzgerald & Long

Our UNIX, Linux and Windows products are priced according to the number of database users licensed for each system. 

Fitzgerald & Long values its customers.  If our products do not perform as represented in our User's Guide to your complete satisfaction, we will refund the purchase price.  Refunds within two months of installation are for the full price.  Refunds between two and twelve months after installation are prorated.

Payment terms are Net 14 Days.

We ask that pre-payment is made for all international purchases via wire transfer in US funds to our bank in Colorado.

Support and Service

We believe that F&L offers the best service and support to be found anywhere.  Although we do not have a toll-free number and do not guarantee response within any particular time frame, you will find that we will provide a dedicated, sincere effort to resolve the problem or question you come to us with.  We will do our best to help you with any difficulty or question you have, period.

How to Order

Of course, this is a question we love to answer! 

To order FAST we ask that you:

  1. Provide us with a purchase order or other written commitment (a letter will do).

  2. Sign our license agreement which says that you won't copy the software or put it on other systems without permission.

  3. Give us some specific information about your system, database, etc.

We have  made it convenient for you to provide this information through this website.  Click on the  PRODUCTS button on the left, select the version applicable to your site (example:  FAST c/s for UniVerse on UNIX),  go to Place An Order (top green box) and fill in the blanks.  Based on the information you provide, we will create the FAST license agreement which you need to PRINT, SIGN and return to us.   We do accept digital signatures.