To transfer your FAST license to another computer and receive the latest release, please provide the information requested below.  Submission of the data entry form will create a FAST Software License/Maintenance agreement for you.  Please print the agreement, sign it, and FAX to us at (303) 755-1703.  Upon receipt of these documents you will be notified by email of the delivery schedule.

When we ship your new copy of FAST c/s for UniData NT we will include the installation media, a Userís Guide which includes installation instructions, and your executed copy of the software license and maintenance agreement.  Please destroy the old copy of FAST.  Your software license allows you to use FAST on only one system per license (unless you have a multiple-site license).

There are several ways to receive technical assistance should you have any questions.  The Support area of this web site gives answers to the most commonly asked questions.  You may also email our support staff at, or phone us at (303) 755-1102 from 8 AM to 5 PM.  We are in the Mountain States time zone of the United States.

Thank you for your continued business!.

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